With Thanks To

With thanks to all meet volunteers including

Meet Director: Charles Carrick, Don Fish, Jody Landers, Bill Wright

Venue Liason: Charles Carrick/Bill Wright

Registrar: Valerie Meyer

Basemaps: Jon Torrance & Greg Lennon

Mapper: Jon Torrance

Chief of Courses/Vetting: Ted Good

Course Designers: Ted Good (Day 1), Nadim Ahmed (Day 2)

Chiefs of Logistics: Matt Smith/Michael Dickey

Chief of Timing: Valerie Meyer/Amy Louden

Chiefs of Promotion: Greg and Kathleen Lennon

Chief of Volunteers: Jody Landers

Chief of Safety: 

Chief of Finances: David Levine, Karla Hulett, Bill Wright


Webmaster: Greg Lennon

... and more yet to be recognized.