Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

BY ORDER OF THE ROYAL COURT:  Congratulations are hereby extended to all of the Ladies, Gentlemen and Young Folks, who took sport and participated in the Orienteering Royal Romp staged on the grounds of Prince William Forest Park by QOC over the weekend past. The Winners of their respective contests may be accessed by clicking on the highlighted script below. May good health and good sport be with you always!

Royal Romp Photo Album is here (thumbnails below as well)

Day 1:

Day 2:


On Attackpoint 

And with a bit of help from ChatGPT, QOC's Dennis Doherty wrote the following poem capturing the spirit of the weekend:

Ode to the Romp

In the heart of prince forest, so brown,

Where the sunlight's rays dance around

The Royal Romp meet had begun,

with eager competitors out to run.

Maps and compasses in hand,

They all navigated unfamiliar land,

Marking their way past flags and hills,

Through subtle contours with map-reading skills.

The silence was broken by rustling leaves,

As runners moved past towering trees,

The forest floor crunching beneath their feet,

Would their time be the one to beat?

The race was fierce, with no time to rest,

Each runner striving for their best.

Going past the river bend,

Pushing to the very end.

Finally, the finish flag in sight,

Each runner giving all their might,

They reach to hear that final beep,

Knowing how well tonight they'll sleep.

Now hope springs eternal on the second day,

Another chance to cleanly make your way.

Competitors arrive with a spring in their step.

Though daylight savings took away some pep.

The slate is clear, the forest new,

Now, the only one to beat is you!